These “Apples” of Land Will Make a Big Impact

More than a year ago the Sharefish Board of Directors approved a project to acquire land in El Carrizo to build a community learning center. This would be a place that could focus our efforts to reach deeper into the community through a center with books, computers, games and other learning tools to enhance the educational opportunities for the children. Even more, it would be a place where we could start adult education and training; including vocational programs and other community projects such as a community garden and agricultural training.

At every turn during the last year we encountered road blocks and increasing frustration. It turns out that it is not easy to acquire land with clear title in rural Honduras, and if the seller knows that an American is paying – the price can double or triple. But we did not give up, or lose faith, and we now have the piece of land that we most wanted, and at a fair price.

In Honduras land is measured in “apples,” each apple being approximately 4 acres. Sharefish now has two beautiful apples of land on which to build the center, to be aptly named: APRENDE CONMIGO (Learn With Me).
When you see the picture above, can you see villagers gathering at a community well and garden, children learning life skills in a community center, and people laughing on the porch as they learn how to read? We can!

We have received enough donations to buy the land, but we need help getting the center built and filled with materials – you can make an online donation, or contact us at for more information.