Sponsor a Child

There are children in El Carrizo waiting to be sponsored…waiting to learn that the education they crave and the future they dream of are attainable.

How You Can Help A Poor Child

Your monthly child sponsorship will make it possible for children in El Carrizo to attend school and will provide resources for their families to ensure that the sponsor children have the food and supplies they need to stay in school.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Child?

You can give these children a bright future when you sponsor a child for as little as 50 cents a day – that’s only $15 each month.

  • Elementary school child sponsorships are only 50 cents a day. For less than the price of a cup of coffee or a soft drink, you can give a start to a child who would otherwise not have one.
  • High school child sponsorships are only $1.67 a day. For less than the price of a frappucino, you can give a child a future.

Sponsor A Child & Give Hope to Children in Need Today!

Look through the pictures below to find your special child, then simply click the name to sponsor a child and make a dream come true.

Sharefish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. If you would like more information about sponsoring a child through Sharefish, click on a child’s picture below or contact us via our quick online form.

Yensi Yohana (sponsored)

Bryan Jose (sponsored)

Cristian Antonio

Fernando Josue

Genesis Belen (sponsored)

Jonathan Josue

Jose Adan

Josueth Obed (sponsored)

Lino Josue (sponsored)

Marbely Yaneth (sponsored)

Maria De Jesus (sponsored)

Milton Jovany

Nelsin Yaritza (sponsored)

Noel Edgardo

Perla Patricia (sponsored)

Yeyson David

Walter Antonio (sponsored)

Willian Josue

Yefri Alfredo

Yefrin Adad

Yeimi Lizeth

Yeimi Noelia

Yeni Maholy

Belkis (sponsored)

Sucy Nicol (sponsored)

Leticia Monserrat (sponsored)

Tania Banesa

Yeffry Isabel

Victor Josue (sponsored)

Pablo Roberto

Lucy Daniela (sponsored)

Katherine Noely

Katherine Michelle

Gissela Jaqueline

Misael Enrique

Elsa Guadalupe (sponsored)

Eduardo Mauricio(sponsored)

Eder Joan

Cintia Carolina

Cesar Ivan

Brenda Tatiana

Bexaida Maribel

Assly Solanyi (sponsored)

Anderson Antonio

Beberlin Alexandra

Alba Nubia (sponsored)

Ana Gabriela

Ana Gisela

Ana Patricia

Anthony Samir

Ariana Michell

Arnold Ivan

Brendy Carolina

Cristy Dayana

Daniel Fernando

Darling Ernesto

David Alberto

Denis Alfredo

Elmer Aaron (sponsored)

Emerita Carolina

Erick Mauricio

Estefany Alexandra

Fabricio Antonio

Franco Fabricio

Franklin Alexander

Gabriela Reyes

Genesis Sarahi

Glenda Isabel

Greysi Valeria

Haydée Esperanza (sponsored)

Hector Josue

Heysi Daneli

Jaime Adonay

Jose Danilo

Jose Gabriel

Juan David

Keydi Marisol

Kleywer Gustavo

Maria Fernanda

Maximiliano Jose

Nataly Gissel

Ricci Tatiana

Ritza Alejandra

Rodrigo Antonio

Ruben Augusto

Sara Julieth

Wilson Abel

Wilson Isaac

Yeimi Nohelia

Yeni Carolina

Yensi Mayeli

Yogenis Gissel

Yorleni Sarahi

If you prefer to start your sponsorship or make a donation by phone or mail, please contact us at sponsorships@sharefish.org , 919.210.0600 or 3517 Lubbock Dr. Raleigh, NC 27612