For only 50 cents a day, dreams can come true.

When we started our work in Honduras, the families there had one dream – for children like Tatiana to be educated to break out of their cycle of poverty. Our dream was to have every one of the initial 74 children gathered along that dusty road sponsored.

The mission of Sharefish evolved from trips to build homes and churches in southern Honduras. On these trips, founding board members of Sharefish met children like 9-year-old Cindy Maria who could not write her name because her family couldn’t afford the materials for her to attend school. They met Jose who was so poor he did not have a single pair of flip flops and Sandy, whose house was made of mud, sticks and cardboard.

We asked the people of El Carrizo where they needed the most help, and their answer was unanimous — education for their children. In Honduras, children must provide their own uniforms and materials to attend school. With an average income of $3 a day, families simply can’t afford an education.

Sponsoring a child for just 50 cents a day not only gives resources and education for a better future – it gives hope to the hopeless. Click here to find a child to sponsor. You can make a dream come true.