“Dessert for Hope” is a Sweet Success

In deciding what to get their kids for Christmas one year, Veronica and Carlos looked at the toys already filling their home and realized more toys were not what their family needed. So when their kids opened their gifts, they found pictures of Alma Lizzette and David Gerson – the two Honduran children that were sponsored as Christmas gifts.

Since that day, letters have been sent back and forth, and those two sponsored children have been woven into the fabric of their family.

But that wasn’t enough for Veronica and Carlos. Understanding the need to spread the word about Sharefish, they agreed to host  a reception in their home, with Veronica’s famous desserts as the reward for coming to hear about Sharefish.

Everyone loved the desserts, but it was the stories shared that made the night. Veronica shared her story of her kids and how dropping a fancy coffee drink a couple of days a week could sponsor a child and change a life forever.
Members of the June medical trip affirmed the impact Sharefish is making in the community, and the impact the community is making on those involved in Sharefish.

Interested in hosting your own party to help us spread the word? Contact us at sponsorships@sharefish.org  for details.