About Sharefish

Jenni lives in rural Honduras, and like most children in Honduras she could not go beyond elementary school. To attend public school, a family must pay for uniforms and school supplies. With an average daily income of $3, families simply can’t afford a high-school education and children like Jenni are destined for a life of poverty and broken dreams… but not anymore. There is now hope for Jenni and other families like hers.

Sharefish was started by 5 Raleigh “gringos” after mission trips to Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the world. They witnessed children living in a perpetual cycle of poverty —  like 9-year-old Cindy Maria who could not write her name because her family couldn’t afford the materials for her to attend even elementary school, like Jose who was so poor he did not have a single pair of flip flops and like  Sandy, whose house was made of mud, sticks and cardboard.

Looking for ways to make a lasting impact, this small group created an organization to improve education opportunities in El Camizo, an impoverished community in southern Honduras. We dedicated ourselves to giving these families a future by creating sponsorships to put kids in school and buildinga community learning center with a library computer room and game rooms for children and youth.

We have made a great start, but we need your help. We need sponsors for kids like Jenni. We need books to fill libraries, computers for the computer lab, toys and games to help the children develop. We need caring, committed people like you to help these kids who have no other means of assistance – if we don’t help them, no one will.

Explore our site to find a child to sponsor, to make a donation or to be inspired to find your own way to be a Sharefish. Just share a little, that’s all it takes to make a lasting impression.