Meet Beberlyn

Beberlyn was 9 years old in January 2009. A quiet shy girl, she lived with her family in a stick and mud house in El Carrizo, Honduras. She suffered from severe asthma attacks, which left her frail and reserved. She loved school, and was preparing to start fourth grade, but she knew that she would […]

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For only 50 cents a day, dreams can come true.

When we started our work in Honduras, the families there had one dream – for children like Tatiana to be educated to break out of their cycle of poverty. Our dream was to have every one of the initial 74 children gathered along that dusty road sponsored. The mission of Sharefish evolved from trips to build homes […]

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From Bottle Caps to Puzzles

As we were walking through El Carrizo a few years ago, we noticed a young girl named Genesis playing. As we got closer, we realized her “toys” were bottle caps. She had no toys, no books, and no opportunity to break her families, cycle of poverty. It was children like Genesis that inspired us to […]

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Making an Impact — With a Huge Smile

Over the past six years, we have traveled to El Carrizo once a quarter. While this has been enough to build trust and relationships, we realized to make a larger impact we would need a more consistent presence. On our most recent visit to the village, we were excited to introduce our first full-time employee, Lizzy […]

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